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Dec 2, 2018

In the Dec. 2 episode of New and Interviews, Dan Young speaks with Megan Hustings from the National Coalition of the Homeless. The program begins with a local news item covering the Nov. 26 Ft. Bragg City Council meeting. At this meeting it was revealed that the city and Mendocino County government are implementing long-term residency requirements for people seeking shelter from the rain and cold in the coast's Extreme Weather Shelter. In a Nov. 30 phone interview, Dan Young speaks with Megan Hustings, Interim Executive Director with the National Coalition of the Homeless, about her organization and its goals of ending homelessness by addressing its root causes. Young and Hustings also discuss the potential negative impacts of residency requirements for emergency shelter and other homeless services. Hustings also shares her organizations' concerns about Dr. Robert Marbut, the private consultant Mendocino County has hired to advise them on homelessness policy.