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Jan 27, 2008

Dan Young and Ian Mayes speak with Damekia Morgan and Ashana Bigard from Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) about their organization and its mission to help imprisoned youth and change the juvenile justice system.

shanderia martin
over fifteen years ago

How can y\'all have ashana marie bigard work for y\'all when she\'s has been holding. Xenophon Ssllier in her house on 1824 oreatha castle apt309 and 826 six street from paying his childsupport to my kids saying he never will long as she wit him, police has been 2 both of the houses she sounting to lie she lied wen was working for agenda for childrens saying I threatwn her @ agenda the was thrown our of court she still lying everytime they send a paper our for him she has contact with his family she still lies lied to foodstamp workers she doesn\'t know where her kid father @ when she\'s on myspace with pictures on her page wirth him her and her baby aidan and brandon but that\'s what y\'all have working for u all nothing but a liar she needs to be gone she shouldn\'t be working wit childrens are the parwnts yes iam speaking out and yes this is personal I have told childsupport that I will be writing youy guys I know she not there @ tis time she needs not to be let back n the system she lied to get stamps for her kids and medixaid even wen she was working for thw both u and agenda how I know it was in Xenophon care so she is nothing but a lir